Teeth whitening

Step one

Before you can get that bright white, it’s important to have a dental exam to ensure that your mouth is healthy. Problems like fillings and gum disease need to be addressed before whitening. If you don’t address these problems you’ll have pain and sensitivity when you try to teeth whiten.

Fast or slow whitening?

Whitening your teeth several shades in one day with an in-office laser whitening may not be the most comfortable option. Laser whitening can cause sensitivity, and pain in the teeth. That’s why sometimes slow and steady home whitening can be better.

Home whitening?

While in surgery laser gives instant results, professional take-home kits work very well to keep your teeth white and shiny. They are a great supplement to laser whitening to maintain whiteness.

Maintaining a white smile

Teeth whitening requires maintenance. In fact, you can expect that shiny white colour to fade within 6 months unless you do monthly touch-ups at home with a professional-strength product, such as White Dental Beauty. Don’t use tooth-whitening products too often, they wear away tooth enamel, which increases tooth sensitivity.


Certain foods and drinks like tea, coffee and red wine can stain teeth. Limiting them will help your teeth stay white. Foods such cauliflower, strawberries, seeds, and nuts can  whiten teeth.

Whitening Toothpastes

Toothpastes that advertise whitening powers don’t work. They’re not on the teeth long enough to be effective and won’t radically change the colour of your teeth effectively. They use abrasive ingredients to remove surface stains from things like cigarette smoke and coffee.

Fillings and crowns

Older fillings and crowns will not whiten during the whitening process, so you could end up with mismatched colouring.


If your teeth were overexposed to fluoride you may have fluorosis—white spots or fine, chalk-like lines on the surface of your teeth. These stains are difficult to treat, and may need multiple bleaching treatments to improve.

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