Michael Sheridan, Chartered Physiotherapist Dublin 7,  will assess the root causes of your bad back pain and will give you advice on how to regain movement and treat pain.

Your physiotherapist will begin by carrying out a thorough examination of your spine and mobility.

Using ‘hands-on’ therapy, Michael will help you to regain your mobility and give you instructions on how to treat your pain, improve back alignment, by prescribing therapeutic exercises.

Practical tips

  • Flexibility. Spinal health is dependant on having good flexibility. If you have limited movement, stresses can be transferred to your lower back, resulting in pain. Did you know, that you can check your rotation from your chair? Cross your arms across your stomach; how far can you twist to the left and right? The same in each direction?
  • Don’t sit still. Sitting at a desk all day puts pressure on your spine. Get up every 30 minutes, have a walk around and a little stretch. It’s always a good idea to have your workstation assessed to make sure you are seated correctly to avoid aches and pain. We can help you with that.

Treating bad backs

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Back Pain Treatment