Why do teeth whitening?

There are many reasons why we carry out teeth whitening.

  • Whiter teeth look nicer
  • A healthier looking smile
  • Treat age spots on your teeth
  • Look younger
  • brighter smile

Many patients feel better about themselves with a brighter smile. It can really boost your confidence and self-esteem.

Why do teeth go yellow?

As you get older, the white enamel of your teeth begins to wear away. This wear reveals the darker inner tissue of the tooth. So your teeth start to look duller.

Teeth can also be stained by:

  • Tea, coffee, dark drinks.
  • Smoking
  • Tartar & plaque stains
  • Stains from medicines
  • Damaged that breaks enamel
  • Grinding of your teeth

How can you whiten teeth?

Laser whitening

We can help whiten your teeth with Zoom Laser Whitening. Powerful bleaching gel offers brighter, whiter teeth in about 90 minutes hour in the dental chair.  Its carried out by a dentist.

It is chemically activated, so it starts working as soon as it is placed on your teeth, the laser light accelerates the process.

First, we will protect your gums with a special wax. Next, we paint your teeth with the whitening solution. This sits on your teeth for 15 minutes while the laser light shines on your teeth, we repeat this another two times.

You should get a big improvement in the shade of your teeth and its immediate.

Its perfectly safe but some patients do find it a little uncomfortable at the end of treatment.

Professionally home whitening kits

We can supply professionally made whitening kits that you can use at home.

Custom whitening trays are made just for you, so you have a perfect fit.

The specials whitening gel is used for 30 minutes a night for 2-3 weeks.

You’ll get the same great white smile as Zoom, it just takes a little longer.

Is teeth whitening bad for you?

The whitening procedure is only in your mouth, and the whitening solution is not strong enough to harm your body. Studies have found no long-term health risks.

Bleaching can lead to increased teeth sensitivity because it opens up the internal channels of the tooth. The bleach gets into your teeth via these channels, that’s how your teeth are whitened.

Whitening is not recommended for expectant women or those breastfeeding.  This is more precautionary than anything else.

Is teeth whitening permanent?

In short- no. You will need to top up the whitening effect every month. Normally one or two 30 minute sessions a month will give your teeth that white look again.

What about fillings?

Whitening will not damage any f your fillings but remember you cannot whiten a filling or crown or other restoration; that will remain the same colour it was before you whitened. So there is a chance of a colour mismatch between your restoration and your whitened teeth.

How about just using toothpaste?

Whitening toothpaste does not whiten teeth. It simply removes the superficial stains on the surface of your teeth. Not the deep staining in your teeth that makes them look dull & stained.

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