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What are bleeding gum symptoms?

Bleeding gums are often a sign of gum disease.

You might notice lots of bleeding when you brush, a bad taste in your mouth and bad breath.

Left untreated it can lead to tooth and gum loss.

Gum disease is easily treated if you act quickly.

Regular cleaning from the Plaza Health dentists and a proper dental routine at home is all most patient need. 

Bleeding gums are a sign of gingivitis, or inflammation of your gums. It’s a common and mild form of gum disease, and it’s caused by a buildup of plaque at your gumline.Sign of gum disease are bleeding gums,bad breath, and a bad taste in your mouth

Causes of bleeding gums

Gingivitis is the first stage of gum disease. Plaque build up on teeth leads to gum inflamation, tenderness and then bleeding.The good news is that gum disease responds well to good brushing and flossing habits and regular dental checkups.


Blood thinning medications can cause bleeding gums.Let your Plaza Health dentist and doctor know about your experience and any medications you may be on.


If you haven’t flossed in a while you may notice some bleeding, this should clear up within a week.

New Toothbrush

Switching toothbrushes sometimes results in gums that bleed. Try a soft bristled brush and talk to your Plaza Health dentist about what toothbrush is right for you.


Some pregnant women experience swollen gums and bleeding during brushing. Hormonal changes during pregnancy alter the body’s response to the bacteria that causes gum disease. Symptoms should clear up after pregnancy.

Treating bleeding gums

Regular Scale & Polish
Visit the Plaza Health dentist regularly for check-ups, our dentists can help spot problems with your gums before you experience any symptoms. Our dentist can also clean, scale and polish your teeth to remove stubborn build-up of plaque bacteria (calculus) and help to prevent gum disease.

Medicated mouthwash

After you’ve had your teeth professionally cleaned our dentist will recommend a medicated toothpaste or mouthwash. These will help the gums recover and speed up the healing process. You should find that your teeth stop bleeding within a week.

Routine brushing

Proper routine brushing will keep plaque at bay and stop your gums from bleeding in future. Use a good tooth-brush, floss and a mouthwash to keep your teeth and gums healthy.


Mouthwash can help kill some of the bacteria that causes gum disease and bad breath. The Plaza Health dentist can provide a specialist mouthwash to do this.


When your mouth dry, it’s not able to clean away food debris, leading to bad breath. Drinking a lot of water helps to keep you hydrated and able to produce lots of saliva.

Quit Smoking

Smoking causes severe gum disease, very bad breath and many cancers. Stopping can save your life. 

Follow A Healthy Diet

Sugary foods and drinks increase the build-up of bacteria and plaque in your mouth. Plaque causes gum disease, bad breath and can lead you to losing teeth.

Deep cleaning

Periodontal cleaning 
Sometimes, if you are suffering from severe gum disease we may need to carry out a deep clean of the gums and teeth. This is normally done over two sessions, one week apart.

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