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Pre-event sports massage

Pre-event sports massage explained

A pre event sports massage usually lasts about 15 minutes and is performed on the day of the event/ competition/ race. Whilst providing the massage, the Plaza Health therapist will be talking to you in an encouraging and positive way. Positive reinforcement, telling athletes that their muscles feel good, and well prepared for competition can help boost performance. If you seem nervous, the Plaza Health therapist will encourage you to talk, helping dissipate nervousness and banish negatively.

Understanding you as an athlete is important. You will prepare for your event in your own special way. Some athletes like to meditate before an event, others bounce about like Usain Bolt. A good therapist wont interrupt your pre race routine.

The Plaza Health Sports Massage Therapist wants you to leave the massage table feeling great and ready to win, full of energy and uplifted. The massage will be stimulating and energising. The pre event sports massage will bring warmth to the muscles and increase blood flow. The therapist will move the joints through their ranges of motion, loosening them up and getting them ready to work.

As a rule of thumb, pre event sports massage should be gentler the closer in time it is to your event. But if you’re having a massage in the weeks and days before an event you can expect it to be more full on!

The Plaza Health therapist never wants to take the chance of injuring you before an event. Normally, little or no oil is used because it can clog the pores in the skin, making it difficult for you to sweat.

A pre event sports massage should include these techniques:

  • Friction to create heat to warm up the superficial tissue
  • Compression to increase blood flow to the muscles
  • Tapotement to stimulate the muscles
  • Range of motion of the joints to increase or decrease stiffness
  • Gentle stretching to prepare muscles for the warm-up

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6 Month Braces Price From Only €1750

What can 6 Month Braces do to your smile?

Did you know that 6-month braces are priced from only  €1750?

Many of us would love a better smile, but are put off by wearing braces for 12-18 months.  But it is possible to improve your smile in as little as 6 months. In certain cases, where appropriate, 6-month braces can be a great way of improving your smile.

6 Month braces from Dr Ronan Perry can give you the confident smile that you’ve always wanted. Our special white braces are coloured to blend in with your natural teeth colour.

Can I see results in 6 months?

Yes. Within 6 months it’s possible to straight the front teeth and make them look better, however, your bite won’t be corrected.

How visible are 6-month braces?

Because we use white brace fittings at Plaza Health, they are practically unnoticeable. So while the 6-month braces are not completely invisible, they are much more discreet than regular metal braces.

Bonded retainer

After your orthodontic treatment, teeth want to return to their previous crooked position. Retention is needed to keep them in their new straight position.

We will fit a wire to the back of your teeth, hidden from view, to keep your teeth straight and stable.

Who will do the treatment?

At Plaza Health all our orthodontic treatments are carried out by Dr. Ronan Perry, Specialist Orthodontist and president of the Orthodontic Society of Ireland 2019/20. You can trust us with your smile. We will keep your smile fit and healthy.

What’s the cost?

6 Month Braces Price From Only €1750! Yes, 6 Month braces cost only €1750 for just your top teeth or €2750 for your top and bottom teeth. They are of great value. Price includes all visits, retainers and professional teeth whitening.

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