why are Invisalign attachments repositioned?

Invisalign attachments, also known as buttons or buttons, are small tooth-coloured composite or plastic attachments that are sometimes used in conjunction with Invisalign orthodontic treatment. These attachments are strategically placed on specific teeth to assist with the movement and rotation of teeth during the alignment process. Invisalign attachments are repositioned for several reasons: Refining tooth [...]

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Late Night Dentist Appointments in Smithfield

Late Night Dentist Appointments in Dublin Experience Quality Dental Care with Dr Emily Lordan Meet Dr. Emily Lordan. She is a highly skilled dental professional at Dental House, specialising in composite bonding and veneers. With an honours degree in Dentistry from Cork University Dental School and Hospital, she offers her expertise at our Smithfield [...]

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Free Smile and Invisalign consult

Free Smile and Invisalign consult  What can you expect from your free smile and Invisalign consult?  At Plaza Health, we believe that a healthy and beautiful smile can change your life. That's why we offer free smile & Invisalign consultations, not just to discuss Invisalign treatments, but also to help you understand all of your orthodontic options [...]

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What is a Treatment Coordinator

What is a Treatment Coordinator? What is a Treatment Coordinator? The Treatment Coordinator works with your Specialist Orthodontist and is your guide and will assist you from the start of your treatment, right until the end. They are here to provide you with a great treatment journey. What can you expect from your free [...]

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Getting adult braces has never been so popular. We are seeing more adults choose to get treatment, and smile with confidence. Many adults will have crowns, veneers, fillings and gum recession that will need to be taken into account. But Dr Perry is able to design a plan that takes all these considerations into account. [...]


Danger of DIY Cheap Aligners

Over the past couple of years, we have seen an increase in the number of DIY cheap aligner providers. They often claim to cost a fraction of the price of aligner treatment from a qualified Specialist Orthodontist, whilst providing the same smile benefits.  Is this true? Or is it a case of aggressive advertising? Companies [...]

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Five Things That Effect The Cost Of Invisalign 

There are many parts to successful treatment with Invisalign. These make up the total cost of Invisalign to improve a smile and bite. Let's look at them below. 1. Complexity of treatment Invisalign, in the right hands, can treat almost any type of smile complaint. The correct use of aligners, attachments and IPR can transform almost [...]

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Why do I need attachments with my Invisalign?

Why do I need attachments? It comes as a surprise to many patients that although Invisalign and aligners, in general, don’t have brackets and wires, they do need tooth coloured “attachments”, to efficiently move the teeth into the desired position.  Are attachments really necessary? Attachments are used to fulfil 2 functions: Firstly, they provide a [...]

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Home DIY Aligners- the dangers!

Over the past couple of years, we have seen an increase in companies offering DIY  or home aligners to straighten teeth. At first glance these seem to be great value, but what are the hidden costs? They appear to offer a cheap way to a straight smile on a budget. But not all is at [...]

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Invisalign Attachments

All you need to know about Invisalign Attachments A major element of Invisalign treatment is the careful placement of attachments onto the teeth. But what exactly are attachments? Attachments are very small, tooth coloured pieces of dental bonding that are glued on to very specific parts of the patient’s teeth. They help to provide extra [...]

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