Composite bonding is the modern way to improve the appearance of teeth. Whether it’s for cosmetic reasons, or to restore the appearance of a damaged tooth.

The procedure involves bonding tooth coloured material to the existing tooth to reshape or improve its colour.

We use a very strong resin material, and then polish it to give it a beautiful natural tooth-like finish, that will last for many years.

Composite bonding

composite bonding veneers

From only €250 a tooth

The composite bonding material is bonded or glued to the tooth or teeth, without the need to remove any tooth material.

We colour match the colour to your other teeth and shape and polish it to improve your smile.

Composite bonding is great because no part of the tooth structure is removed. We bond the new tooth material directly onto the tooth.

In most cases, with care, the composite veneers will last 5+ years.

They may need the occasional polish or chip repaired.

The composite bonding fitting procedure is pain-free.

  • No anaesthetic is needed
  • No drilling is needed

We gently build up the shape of the tooth and give it a high-quality polish to make it look like a natural tooth.

Helping you smile with confidence.

Composite veneers from only €250

Composite veneers are often used to finish up orthodontic treatment. To reshape any poorly shaped or damaged teeth.

Damaged teeth can become very noticeable when teeth have been straightened by Dr Ronan Perry, Specialist Orthodontist.

Orthodontic treatment followed by composite bonding can result in a beautiful smile: a great bite, straight teeth,  and perfect teeth.

How can they help?

  • Treat teeth that are discoloured
  • Teeth that are worn down
  • Teeth that are chipped or damaged
  • Teeth that are misaligned
  • Teeth with gaps between them

What Can I Expect?

  • Consultation
  • Oral health check & cleaning

  • Teeth whitening

  • Fit composite veneers

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I chose the clinic because my cousin Sarah came here. The initial consult was very helpful. The quality of my treatment was great, and the staff members were really nice and kind. Yes, I would recommend them to my friends and family!
I chose the clinic because I saw they had an open day. The initial consultation was great, all of my questions were answered, and I felt comfortable straight away. The quality of treatment is better than any I’ve had before; all of my concerns were taken seriously, and all of the staff are so kind and friendly and welcoming. I love my results and I am finally happy with my smile. I would definitely recommend them.
helped me schedule my appointments around my work. My experience was very positive, everyone was super helpful and explained every step to me. My treatment was well looked after and the timeline was extended slightly to get a better result. Everyone was focused on getting the best result possible rather than rushing it to get it done faster with less success. I’d recommend the clinic to everyone, the people are great, the location is perfect and the results speak for themselves. Thank you!
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