Cavities that you get from tooth decay damage your teeth and cause a toothache. The decay affects both the outer tooth and the inner core of your teeth.

What causes tooth decay?

When foods and drinks with carbohydrates and sugars, such as soft drinks, stick to your teeth they start to damage your teeth.

The naturally occurring bacteria in your mouth turn them into acids.

The bacteria, acid, and saliva in your mouth form plaque on your teeth. This is acidic and makes holes in your teeth. That means tooth decay and toothache.

Dental Fillings – Who Gets Cavities?

We can all get cavities and toothache, especially if you have a poor dental brushing. As we age, our gums recede from our teeth. This exposes the roots to plaque and gum disease. Increasing the chance of decay.

Do I have cavities?

A toothache is a good indication of a cavity. But the Plaza Health dentist will carry out a thorough examination to find out what’s causing your toothache.

Treating toothache

If its down to cavities, they will need to be filled, and your teeth cleaned.

You’ll need to do your bit by improving your brushing and oil hygiene.

Cavities can be filled with white fillings and silver fillings. If the filling is very deep you might need the tooth crownedand a root canal treatment.

Crowns are used when a tooth is very badly decayed and the cavity has gone deep into the core of the tooth. You often need a root canal if the cavity has reached the root of your tooth.

But the is only needed in instances of severe decay.

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