There are many types of ‘bad’ bite that we see at Plaza Health. An ‘Over Bite’ is one of the most common types of bite problem that people ask to be fixed. Our Specialist Orthodontist can fix an over bite and many other types of misaligned bite, and give you an amazing smile!

Love your smile…Fix Overbite

Your smile is the first thing we notice when we greet a person. Don’t you always remember a great smile? When we say hello, we often do so with a smile. A great smile builds confidence.

A warm smile with straight teeth and a properly aligned jaw and bite not only looks great but is also healthy.

Types of Bite

Sadly, not everyone has their upper and lower jaws aligned properly. Having misaligned jaws also means misaligned teeth, spoiling your smile.

Having your top and bottom jaws aligned perfectly is ideal, it looks the best.  If jaw problems are not fixed in time, they can lead to orthodontic problems, many of which are hard to fix. You can suffer from

  • Premature wear and tear of your teeth
  • Slurred speech
  • Spitting food as you chew
  • Tooth decay, bad breath and bleeding gums

Here are some of the common jaw and bite related problems that people tend to face, which would benefit from Specialist Orthodontic treatment.  Types of fix overbite:


Fix Overbite

An underbite is when the lower teeth extend past the upper front teeth. The medical term for this is a Class III malocclusion. It makes the jaw line look too strong and dominant.



An overbite is when the upper jaw and teeth extend past the lower jaw and teeth.

In a patient who has a severe overbite it can make the face to be short and round.



Crowding happens when the teeth do not have enough room to grow out of the gums. Dental crowding can lead to teeth become crooked if they are too large to fit in the available space



Diastema or too much space between teeth. Spaces can form anywhere in the jaw and mouth, but its often noticed between the front teeth. In children, gaps often disappear as the adult teeth come through. Orthodontic treatment can close the gaps between teeth.

Open bite

Open bite

Open bites need to be addressed as soon as possible before it becomes too late. This can cause severe chewing issues and can lead to a host of other jaw-related problems. An open bite often refers to an ‘anterior open bite’. That is, when a person bites together, his or her front teeth do not come together.

Why see an orthodontist?  Fix an Overbite???

Orthodontists are experts in creating amazing smiles. Dr Ronan Perry specialises in the diagnosis and treatment of dental and jaw problems, helping to straighten teeth, fix bites and jaws.

Did you know that Specialist Orthodontists complete three years of full-time dental-medical university training, on top of their regular dental degree?


If you’re concerned about your child’s bite or smile you should bring your child to see a Specialist Orthodontist. Bite problems can often be spotted between the ages of 7-10. Early intervention and assessment will give Dr Perry a chance to assess the alignment of your child’s teeth and jaws.

Often early treatment means a better end result- a better smile. Dr Perry can spot your child’s smile problems and start correcting them.

Fix Overbite?  Why an orthodontist? Because they are…
  • Specialists! Its what they do every day
  • They have advanced training
  • They can talk to you about all your options
  • Trained to recognise problems that dentist can’t see

Some dentists claim to have the skills to fit braces. But this can’t compare to the advanced

full time training an orthodontist receives during his or her education.

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