Braces prices you can trust

At Plaza Health we believe in providing our patients with a fixed price for all our orthodontic treatments. Braces prices range from €2950 to €6500 for very complicated treatment.

The average braces price is about €4950

That’s for braces on your top and bottom teeth, to straighten your teeth and improve your bite.

We will tell you what treatment will cost at your consultation and in writing.

Its about trust and transparency.

What does this mean? It means no hidden extras!

The price you are quoted is the price that you pay.

So you know at the beginning of treatment exactly what you’ll be paying.

We want to give you an amazing smile, and treat you as efficiently as possible. So you can get on with your life.

You have a couple of payment options.

  • Pay up front and get a 5% discount.
  • Pay over a year, interest free.
  • Spread your payments over 3 years with Flexi Fi. 

Pay as you go prices?

Some clinics may offer a pay per visit pricing plan. It may sound good but do you know what your treatment will actually cost?

Would you buy a sofa and pay every time you sat on it?

Some unethical clinics may also stretch out your treatment, costing you much more money in the long run.

Our pricing is straight forward.

Fixed price.

Retainers included.

Professional teeth whitening

Follow up check ups included for 2 years.

All our treatments are carried out by Dr Ronan Perry, Specialist Orthodontist

Why see an Orthodontist? 

Specialist Orthodontists treat children and adults with smile problems, including having over crowded, crooked or overlapping teeth. They can also treat jaw growth problems and tooth development issues.

A Specialist Orthodontist is the only person properly qualified to treat you with braces or aligners such as Invisalign.

Dentists are not qualified as Orthodontists. You deserve the best care, that you can trust.

You deserve a smile for life.

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