Flexi Fi dental financing is coming to Plaza Health

Flexi-fi allows you to invest in your smile and spread the costs over several years.

Any dental work over €1000 can be financed through Flexi Fi.  You select the payment term that suits you, and apply via the Flexi Fi website or app.

To apply, you complete a simple, quick and easy online application form on your mobile  device. We recommend applying the week before your consultation. We will give you some indicative pricing to help you apply.

Flexi Fi Fees

There is a €40 application fee and a €3.50 monthly fee to run your account.

These fees are included in your credit and payment schedules; itemised on your payment schedule so you know exactly how much you are paying.

Application fee €40

Monthly payment €142.43 x 36 months

Total payable €5167.48

Interest 8.9%
The best possible Specialist Treatment made even more affordable.