Many patients considering teeth whitening will ask ‘how white can my teeth get”?

The answer is not so straightforward as there are several factors that impact on teeth whitening. For instance, the natural colour of your teeth, and how well your teeth respond to teeth whitening gels.

How white should teeth be?

Many patients value a healthy white smile, there are numerous whitening toothpastes that you can buy from chemists to help keep teeth white and professional whitening procedures that your dentist can carry out in the dental practice.

But did you know that natural healthy-looking teeth have very subtle shades of white, cream, and yellow. No one has pure white teeth. Teeth which are too white look fake and can be distracting.

How white can my teeth whitening make my teeth?

Professional Teeth Whitening

In practice professional teeth whitening carried out by your Plaza Health dentist is the quickest and easiest way to whiten your teeth.

The procedure takes about 60 minutes and leaves your teeth nice and white.

Zoom Laser Whitening uses a laser light to accelerate the whitening process.

Professional Home Teeth Whitening

Some patients may prefer to choose a home tooth whitening kit. These are great for patients with sensitive teeth, or crowns and veneers.

You will still need to visit the Plaza Health dentist; we will make custom teeth whitening trays for your teeth. With our kit you will need to wear the whitening trays for 30-60 minutes per night for 20 nights. You should start seeing results in a week.

The concentration of whitening agent

Shop bought home whitening kits contain lower levels of whitening agent, so results are limited and take longer to achieve. Professional kits will save you time and money in the long run and give you a better result.

Natural tooth colour

Your teeth will naturally discolour over time with age, this is because tooth enamel thins as we age, revealing more of the yellow dentin which lies beneath.

As we get older it gets harder to whiten teeth. This is because teeth whitening is designed to lighten the outer enamel only. The yellow dentin is unaffected will still show through to make teeth look yellow.

How can I keep my teeth white?

The best way to keep your teeth from getting stained again is to avoid staining food and drink. Tea, coffee, curry, pizza wine etc. It’s the only sure-fire way.

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