Whats an Orthodontist?

Orthodontics is a specialist branch of dentistry that focuses on straightening teeth and fixing how your teeth bite together. An Orthodontist uses braces or aligners to give you a winning smile. To become an Orthodontist you need to complete a 3-year full-time Master’s Degree on top of your regular dental degree. 

All Orthodontists are recorded on the Dental Council Orthodontics Specialist Register. If you’re not on it, you’re not an Orthodontist!

At Plaza Health our Specialist Orthodontist is Dr. Ronan Perry, he’s also the President of The Orthodontic Society of Ireland. He has over 15 years of experience as a Specialist Orthodontist and has treated over 7000 patients! No matter what your smile concerns are, he can help give you the smile you’ve always dreamed of. 

Who is Dr. Ronan Perry Specialist OrthodontistSpecialist Orthodontist at Plaza Health Dublin

Ronan is our friendly, caring Specialist Orthodontist. He’s an expert in all types of braces & smiles. Braces that go on the front of your teeth, behind your teeth, aligners you can pop in and out, simple smile needs to complex surgical needs can all be covered off by Ronan.

Ronan graduated from the Dublin Dental Hospital & Trinity College Dublin. He’s worked as a dentist in Dublin and the UK before setting up his first orthodontic practice.

Ronan gained his orthodontic qualification from Trinity College Dublin, having completed a 3 year Masters Degree in Orthodontics.

He is Ireland’s leading practitioners of lingual orthodontics with over 300 lingual orthodontic patients and a Master’s Degree in Lingual Orthodontics from the University of Hannover Medical School.

He is a registered specialist and President of 2018-2020 of the Orthodontic Society of Ireland.

Busy Making great smiles!  What is an average day for Ronan?

The average day of seeing patients is made up of 5 types of patients. 

  • New smile consultations 
  • Fitting braces 
  • Adjusting braces 
  • Removing braces 
  • Follow up appointments.

No matter what your smile needs are we can help. People attending for a smile consultation are asked what they like and don’t like about their smiles. Ronan wants to understand what your smile needs are so that he can address your concerns. Patients will have a digital scan of their smile, diagnostic photographs and x rays taken to help Ronan diagnose the smile and bite.

Diagnostic records are vital to get a correct diagnosis of a patient’s smile. Ronan will review the dental records and present you with a treatment plan, explaining what will happen and what the costs will be. Most patients will take a week or so to decide what they want to do and then start treatment.

Ronan will be starting treatment on new patients every day. If you’re having regular braces, metal ones that you see on the front of your teeth, they will take about 30 minutes to fit. If you’re having Invisalign, the attachments that Invisalign grip onto will take about 15 minutes to fit. We take care to explain how to maintain your braces or aligners. What to look out for and how to get the most out of your treatment. You’ll also get a kit to help clean your teeth and your braces.

Returning Orthodontic Patients – New Aligners and Checkups

The bulk of the day is made up of returning patients, who are coming in to have their braces adjusted or to collect more Invisalign aligners. Braces are normally adjusted every 6 weeks. These small adjustments to your brace slowly move your teeth into the correct position. 

Invisalign works in the same way, but by using a clear plastic aligner to move your teeth slowly. Ronan will check that your teeth are moving as he expected and to discuss any concerns that you might have.

The Time involved for the patient

Treatment for most patients takes about 15 months. So most days there is a patient who has finished treatment and is ready to have their braces or Invisalign attachments removed. This normally takes about 30 minutes, patients are also fitted with a permanent retainer to keep their teeth straight! He will always take time to explain how important it is to wear retainers.

Ongoing Follow ups

After 15 years of practicing, there are always patients coming in for routine follow up appointments. We like to see patients for 2 years after they have finished treatment. Ronan wants to make sure that you are wearing your retainers and that your smile looks as good as the day you finished treatment. Occasionally, we will see a patient that we had treatment 10 or more years ago. He loves seeing ex-patients and catching up with what they have been up to over the years. It is great to see adult patients that he treated when they were teenagers, hearing about college, new jobs and travels. It makes his day to see young adults who are smiling with great confidence.

A deep rooted passion for Dentistry and Orthodontics…

Ronan loves being an Orthodontist, its what he does. All-day, every day. It’s his Specialism. You can be sure that when you see him you are seeing a great Specialist that you can trust with your smile.

Ready to smile journey? Contact us today to book your smile consultation.

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