Physiotherapy treatment during the COVID-19 crisis

It is possible to receive Physiotherapy during the COVID-19 outbreak.

At Plaza Health, we believe we all have a part to play in slowing the spread of COVID-19. The safety of the Plaza Health team, our patients and the broader community is our priority during this time of crisis.

We also believe is providing ongoing physiotherapy care to those people who are suffering with pain, even during these times.

At Plaza Health, we are committed to the health and welfare of our patients. To help keep you safe and well we will provide telephone and physical consultations.

When looking to make a physio appointment at Plaza you can expect a telephone triage to check if you have COVID-19 symptoms.

At your consultation, our physiotherapists will give you advice and prescription exercises.

The Chartered Physiotherapists at plaza Health provide a full range of Physiotherapy Services including sports injury and pain management. Our Physiotherapists provides the best possible care for our patients; allowing you to return to pre-injury levels of activity in the shortest possible timeframes. Our Physiotherapists are all practicing members of the Irish Society of Chartered Physiotherapists (MISCP). The cost of your treatments are tax deductible and covered by all major health insurers.

What to expect at a Physiotherapy consultation during the COVID-19 crisis

  • You should bring loose fitting shorts and t-shirt to wear during your consultation.
  • The physio will wear protective equipment, this may include gloves, mask and apron.
  • Your consultation will last 30-minutes.
  • A full assessment and range of tests will be carried out.
  • Some hands-on physiotherapy will be provided as necessary.
  • You’ll be shown exercises to do to help treat your injury. This is your prescription!
  • Advice on do’s and don’ts to help improve your condition.
  • Our surgeries are thoroughly cleaned between each patient.

You can book online or call the clinic to make your appointment.

Contact us today to book your physiotherapy consultation.