Your treatment with braces or Invisalign has created a beautiful new smile for you, but how will you keep your great new smile? Simple: wear your retainers as directed by Dr Perry, Specialist Orthodontist!

Retainers make up the last part of your orthodontics treatment, after your braces have been removed, or after you have worn your last aligner. Your teeth will naturally want to move back to their original crooked position. So, retainers worn as directed will help keep your teeth in their new straight position.

Types of retainers

Clear plastic

These are removable retainers that are made from a mould of your teeth.  They have the advantage of being virtually invisible, so you are more likely to wear them during the day. They are less bulky and so more comfortable to wear. They will not upset your speech.

On the downside they will need to be replaced every year, they can become warped, and discoloured.


Permanent retainers are made from a wire that is curved to fit the shape of your teeth. The wire is glued to the inside of your front teeth to stop them moving. They have the advantage of not being visible or affecting your speech. And of course, they can’t be lost! But they do make flossing more difficult.

Protecting retainers

Take it out before you eat

Always remove your retainers before you eat or drink. Otherwise you’ll trap food and plaque against your teeth. Make sure you carry your retainer case with you, so you have a safe clean place to keep them while having a bite to eat.

First clean, then store

You should rinse and brush your retainer every day. This will help remove any tartar that may build up on the surface of your retainers. You can use your normal toothbrush and toothpaste. If you’re only wearing your retainer every other day, you should leave the retainer case open to allow air flow around your retainers. Thus, preventing mould and smells developing.

Avoid harsh chemicals

Toothpaste and water are all you need to clean them. But for some patients plaque can quickly build up on retainers. It can be hard to shift. In those cases, we recommend using a retainer cleaning solution. You can either use Retainer Brite or denture cleaning solution. Let your retainers sit in the solution for 30 minutes a day. They will come our clean and fresh smelling.

Never use bleach or harsh chemicals. They can damage your mouth. Always use cold water when making up your retainer cleaning solution, hot water will warp your retainers.

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