Is your Instagram feed full of adverts for online aligners treatments? Where you never have to see an Orthodontist or set foot in a clinic? What’s the truth behind these adverts?

Traditionally, orthodontic treatments were limited to metal braces or Invisalign, from a Specialist Orthodontist. But now we are being told that patients don’t need specialist advice and an examination to ascertain what treatment they need, or is safe for them.

Orthodontics for a New Generation

Today’s consumer values convenience and we all want the best possible deal. Thanks to Dr Google, we are all now experts! However, only a trained Specialist Orthodontist , like Dr Ronan Perry, has the skills and experience to correctly diagnose your smile issues and develop a treatment plan to address your concerns.

The online adverts would have you believe that DIY dental care is safe and of the same if not better value.

Their advice: skip the professional examination, just send them some pictures and a mould of your teeth. They will handle the rest.

In their view the orthodontist adds no value!

Orthodontic Treatment Is Complicated! No, really!!!

Orthodontic treatment is a complex medical procedure. Orthodontics involves the manipulation of the bones in your jaw, the movement of teeth and the management of your gums.

To treat you safely Dr Ronan Perry will carefully evaluate your smile, jaw, dental health, gum health, oral health and listen to your smile concerns.

To be able to do this he has completed a degree in dentistry, a Master’s degree in Specialist Orthodontics and a Master’s degree in Lingual Orthodontics.

Get the plan or diagnosis wrong and you could experience irreversible and expensive damage to your teeth, jaws, and gums. You can lose your teeth!

That’s why Dr Perry has invested in 3 degrees, to protect your dental health.

So what does proper orthodontic treatment look like:

  • Full digital X-rays of your teeth and jaws
  • Clinical examination of your jaw alignment, teeth, bite,
  • Examination of the relationship between your teeth and jaw structures
  • Digital scans of your teeth
  • Explain every available treatment and the pros/ cons of each treatment
  • Answer all your clinical questions
  • All treatment carried out by a Specialist Orthodontist and the Specialist team to ensure your treatment is going plan
  • Full follow up care to ensure that your smile is healthy and stable

Orthodontic treatment is not a product, it’s a complex service

Looking at the ads online, they all follow the same basic pattern. The compare quick treatment with aligners to comprehensive treatment with metal braces.

Here are some of the truths

Minor treatment with aligners does not give you the same outcome as comprehensive treatment with braces or aligners. Comprehensive treatment fixes your bite and straightens your teeth. Minor treatment focus on straightening the front teeth. But often leaves you looking very goofy. Not a great look…

Aligners are pain free!? Aligners and braces both require time for your mouth to get used to them. You’ll possibly suffer mouth sores for a couple of weeks with both. But your mouth will adapt in a couple of weeks.

You don’t need an x-ray!  We can’t begin to tell you how negligent this is. Without knowing about the structure of the teeth, jaws, roots and position of the teeth its not possible to carry out a full consultation. Seriously, you could loose your teeth!

You don’t need an examination! Yes you do, to ensure you get the right treatment to address your smile concerns, which is also safe for your teeth and gums.

An examination from a non-specialist is the same as an examination from Dr Perry. Again wrong. Advice from an untrained person often results in misdiagnosis, missing crucial smile complications and possible lost teeth.

Online aligners may sound like a great idea, big savings and never having to visit a clinic but you don’t save anything if you sadly need treatment twice!

What you save today may end up costing you thousands in corrective treatment to fix the damage that was done with DIY aligners.

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