The truth about 6 Month Smiles

At Plaza Health, many patients tell us that they are concerned about how long the treatment will take, the cost of treatment and how braces look.  That’s why more and more patients are asking about Six Month Smiles and other short courses of treatment. So let’s examine the pros and cons of Six Month Smiles.

What is Six Month Smiles?

Six Month Smiles is a treatment typically performed by general dentists as opposed to Specialist Orthodontists, such as Dr. Ronan Perry at Plaza Health. 

A dentist will take an impression of your teeth, and send it to Six Month Smiles, they then send the dentist a ready-made metal brace to fit, with instructions on what to do. 


Its a discreet brace

The cost is normally a third less than regular braces 

There are fewer appointments- its only a 6month treatment!

Its works well for very simple cases


Does Six Month Smiles work? Yes for very simple cases, such as a bit of bad spacing or crooked teeth. It won’t treat moderate crowding, crookedness, bite problems, jaw problems or missing teeth. 

The treatment uses basic clear fittings, the Plaza Health Specialist Orthodontist only uses the most up to date clear fittings, they are smaller, more comfortable and more adjustable- meaning a better smile. 

It only treats the very front teeth, bite problems and all the long-term health issues associated with a poor bite are left untreated. 

Six Month Smiles doesn’t treat bite problems and deliberately moving a couple of teeth can make bite problems worse, leading to jaw pain and tooth loss!

Did you know that 6 Month Smiles does not cost much less than real Specialist Orthodontic treatment? So represents poor value.

Did you know that you can become a Six Month Smiles dentist after attending a 2-day course? To become a Specialist Orthodontist you need to pass a 3-year full-time Masters Degree in Orthodontics in a University Hospital. Who would you trust with your smile?

Orthodontic Training & Trust 

In Ireland to become an Orthodontist, you have to complete three years of specialty training in a full-time orthodontic residency program after graduating from dental school. 

Real Orthodontists learn about the complexities of straightening teeth and fixing bites. With Six Month Smiles the person who designs your braces has never met you, seen your mouth and will not be monitoring your treatment.

Conclusions about 6 Month Smiles  

Six Month Smiles can help some patients improve their smile, typically patients who had treatment before but have suffered from some crookedness due to not wearing retainers. 

For people who have never had orthodontic treatment, it represents poor value for money and carries the risk of things going wrong due to the lack of orthodontic training of the dentist. 

At Plaza Health we have many patients who only need a short course of treatment, those patents have peace of mind, they know that our Specialist Orthodontist has the skills and experience to safely give them an amazing smile. 

If a treatment sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Straightening teeth is very complex, that’s why it takes 3 years full-time training to become an orthodontist. 

For an expert smile assessment that you can trust, book a free consultation at Plaza Health. 

We can help you achieve a confident beautiful smile at a price that fits your budget, with no compromising on quality and expertise. In fact, often quality short treatments from the Plaza Health Specialist Orthodontists costs less than 6 Month Smiles from a dentist!

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