What is a filling?

A filling is a way to fix a damaged tooth. Teeth can get damaged by tooth decay or by trauma. A filling restores the tooth to its normal shape, colour and function. When the Plaza Health dentist gives you a filling, she will remove any tooth decay and bacteria in the tooth cavity, cleaning it thoroughly. The cavity will then be filled with a filling material.

Can I put off getting a filling?

When tooth decay is allowed to spread, more of the tooth is damaged and will need to be removed. Left untreated, fillings get bigger, weakening the tooth so making it easier to damage. Eventually, bacteria will reach the nerve of your tooth, and you would need root canal therapy to save teh tooth.

Amalgam or silver fillings are very hard wearing and last a very long time. However, because of their dark color, they can stand out against the other white teeth in your mouth. they are a great choice for teh back of the mouth.

Composite or plastic fillings can be matched to be the same color as your other teeth. They are a great choice for the front of the mouth. But they may not be the ideal for larger fillings, this because they are less hard wearing. They are also susceptible to staining by food and drink.

  • Pain in the tooth, including throbbing and sharp pains
  • Pain or sensitivity when you chew or bite
  • A visible hole in the tooth!
  • Dental floss that keeps fraying at the same spot
  • A rough or jagged feeling over the tooth

What to expect when you get a filling

  • First the area is numbed with local anaesthetic, so you won’t feel a thing
  • Next, a small drill is used to scoop out the decayed tooth material and bacteria
  • After removing all the decay and damaged tooth the cavity is shaped in preparation for being filled.
  • The Dental House Smithfield dentist will also protect your tooth’s nerve, allowing it to heal more quickly
  • The cavity is then filled with either white or silver filling material, and shaped correctly so you can bite together as normal.
  • Lastly the filling is polished smooth.

The anaesthetic wears off quickly but we recommend letting it wear off completely before eating. A filled tooth may be a little sensitive for a week or two but it will settle down.

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