Why are dental consultations so important?

Many patients ask us why they need a dental consultation when they know what they want? The answer is simple, it would be medically negligent and unethical of us to commence any dental treatment without first carry out a thorough examination and consultation.

A dental consultation is our opportunity to discuss your dental issues, problems, concerns, and outline the treatment options that are available to you.

If you’re considering any dental procedure, a consultation is a vital first step, so you get the correct treatment that is safe and appropriate.

Discuss your dental treatment options

Many dental issues have a variety of possible treatments. We will help you choose a treatment that fits your budget, clinical needs, and cosmetic desires. During your dental consultation, we’ll explain clearly all the treatment options available to you by asking questions to help identify which dental procedure is best for your individual smile needs.

Understanding your dental treatment:  Some dental treatments are very complicated. Before you relax into the dental chair for your treatment, it’s important to understand exactly what the treatment entails, and what any risks might be.

Your dental consultation is the ideal time to ask all your dental questions, no matter how what the treatment is.  We will give you a detailed explanation of what the treatment will involve and what you can expect during your time in the dental surgery. If you’re nervous patient, this time will also help to ease some of your dental tension you might be feeling.

Determining the correct treatment

At Plaza Health we believe that dental care should be personalised. Each person, each tooth, each smile is unique. Every tooth in your mouth is different from any other, and decay or damage can affect a tooth in many ways. Other medical conditions’ in the rest of your body’ can often affect your suitability for particular dental treatments.

It’s important to discuss all medical health history, problems and any medications you might be taking with the Plaza Health Smithfield Dublin 7 dentist at your dental consultation, so we can do the right treatment, that is both effective  and safe for your overall medical health.

Providing dental advice & complete care

Proper dental care may seem straightforward, but in many instances patients are missing key parts out of their dental care routine.  A dental consultation is the best time to go over your dental routine, check that you are taking care of your teeth properly and address any regular dental care issues you might have. The Plaza Health dentist in Smithfield can offer you proper instruction on how to brush correctly, floss and which mouthwash you might benefit from. That way we can help protect and maintain your smile.

Exploring payment options

Some dental procedures can be expensive. Such as Invisalign, braces or dental implants. At your dental consultation, our dentists will happily discuss payment options with you. We can provide flexible payment terms via Flexi Fi. Payments can be spread our over 2-3 years in many instances.

A dental consultation at Plaza Health gives you a full understanding of what lies ahead of you with your dental treatment. You should be wary of anyone offering to carry out dental treatments without first carrying a full examination and consultation. Your health may depend upon it!

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Plaza Health is a state of the art, purpose built dental clinic. We employ the latest dental technologies to provide you with amazing dental care. All our dentists are Irish trained and qualified. We invest in professional training and promote a culture of excellence so you have ether best possible dental treatment.

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