Zoom is a method of teeth whitening, its carried out in dental surgeries and takes about 90 minutes to do.

The procedure can only be performed by a registered dentist or dental hygienist. It’s a tricky, challenging procedure. While totally safe when done as intended, it can cause problems if performed by an untrained person.​

What You Can Expect From Zoom?

Firstly, you need to be dentally ‘fit’ for treatment: no broken teeth, unfilled fillings etc. The dentist will perform an assessment of your teeth and then make a mould of your teeth- more on that later.

Next your teeth and gums will be prepared for treatment, this is done by covering your gums to prevent any of the whitening gel coming into contact with them.

Now you’re ready, Zoom whitening gel will be applied to your front teeth (the ones that will be whitened) , and the Zoom light shone on to the teeth, to help breakdown the stains. This is done 3 times during the whitening session. The process takes about 90 minutes.

Our dentist will then give you a kit to use at home- it’s a maintenance kit to keep your teeth white. That’s why those mould were made for you.

The Pros and Cons of Zoom Whitening


Fast results – treatment takes about an hour.

Long lasting – You get treated every 2 years

Safe – It does not damage your teeth

Home kit– Your white teeth can be maintained from home.


Price –  Zoom is a premium treatment- but with great results!

Pain – Some patients report pain during and after the procedure.

Time – It can take 90 minutes to complete the treatment.

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Zoom Laser Teeth Whitening